Free stuff for blogs

Here is a list of stuff you can put in your sidebar through a text widget. Some are useful to be pasted in posts as well. The internet is loaded with free stuff for your blog. Some are pretty useful (for example, those that tell you where you visitors came from, how many hits you get etc), others raise awareness by displaying a badge, some are quiz results to jazz up your blogposts.

This list is not ordered in any sense. It is done on an as-I-found-them basis. I do plan to break it up in chunks in future for proper navigation.

1. responsible commenting:
We (that means all of us, blogers, writers readers) want to be treated with respect. We want to be listened to and listen to others, we want to argue, voice our opinion and raise controversy. We want to keep the right to our opinion, and we don’t want to be censored, but we do want and expect to be treated with respect and dignity even if people find our opinions disturbing.
(excerpt from the website
help the cause by pasting their er, image. get the code from the bottom of the site.

2.Help Us Protect Free Speech Online!
EFF is a donor-funded nonprofit group of passionate people—lawyers, technologists, volunteers, and visionaries — who depend on your support to continue successfully defending your digital rights. Litigation is particularly expensive; because two-thirds of our budget comes from individual donors, every contribution is critical to helping EFF fight —and win—more cases.
(excerpt from the website)
help the cause by pasting their image.
get the code at

3. free karim!
Karim has been sentenced to four years in prison for expressing his opinion in his blog.
YOU can help free karim by displaying an image.
get the code at:

4. Virtual pets Adopt a virtual pet in your blog!

5. hug counter
People might be interested: this website creates a hug counter so your readers can give you a virtual hug.
(copied from

6. mybloglog
I like the mybloglog widget that shows other bloggers who have recently read your blog:

Install instructions:
(copied from

7. The weather pixie
How about the weather pixie? You can choose between different styles of pixies (I’ve got a Weather Flapper, but there are goths and all kinds of options) and all kinds of different locations in the world; even have more than one. They instantly tell you the weather for wherever you’ve set them; as I’m on holiday, I keep checking Vancouver’s weather pixie and laughing my head off at all the rain they’re getting while I’m away.
(copied from
get the code at

8. Thefreedictionary
You can get daily quotes, word of the day, spelling bee, this day in history etc etc.
Get the code from here:

9. Usersonline
I love this one. It lets you know how many viewers are visiting your blog at the moment:
http:// www.
(I have delinked it, because I have been having problems because of useronline!). I wouldn’t recommend this site any more!

10. Globetrackr
And I love this one even better,
it let’s you know WHERE your recent visitors were from:
To get the code, first register.

11. spampoison
This is really useful.
Fight Back Against Spammers
WWW Robots (also called wanderers, spiders, crawlers, or bots) are programs that crawl the Web continually retrieving linked pages. When a spammer’s bot visits your website, blog, forum, etc, all pages and sites linked to it will be searched looking for email addresses.
Now you can fight back against their robots!

All you have to do is link to this page so that whenever a spammer’s robot scans your page, it will be sucked into this one.
(taken from the site)

get the code:

12. help make poverty history.
Get code:

13. Happy posters
This site has a collection of “happy posters”. frankly speaking i don’t like what they have to offer. but they will allow visitors to upload their own happy posters.
check it, YOU might like it!

14. Email generators etc
I have a clickable email image on my blog.
I used this site to make the image

I’ve also used this site for an email image for other blogs

And I used this site to munge the address

(and I just checked the account again today… no spam in the last week, so it appears the munge is working… no guarantees it’ll stay spam free though.)

Just make sure you choose the “ASCII Munge (Simple)” option. The javascript one won’t work here.
(written by katm and copied from

15. Favicongenerator
Create free favicon.ico page icons with Favicon Generator, instantly make custom Favicons for your website.
(excerpt from google search)

To know what a favicon is go to:

Wp currently doesn’t allow favicons. but they will soon, if they live up to their promise, that is.
and then the mentioned site will come in handy!

16. Cool Text
Logo and Graphics Generator
An online logo-generator powered by the Gimp.
Enter some text, modify parameters, and create a logo.
(excerpt from google

17. FREE Logo Maker
FREE Logo Creator – FREE Online Logo Design
Design your own logo in minutes with our easy-to-use online logo maker.
Get a FREE web-ready logo for your website.
(excerpt from google)

18. Make a button
Make an 80×15 button for your blog in 0.05 seconds flat
(excerpt from the site)

You can make buttons that look like those omnipresent rss buttons, if you have a liking for that kind of graphics that is.

19. Show your page rank
If-f-f y-y-y-ou h-h-h-ave a r-r-r-ealy r-e-e-al-l-lly n-n-n-ew bl-blog th-this will m-make y-ou n-nervous.

Show your google page rank!
Get the code:

I have it in one of my blogs. And mine says n/a.

well, tomorrow is another day!

Another similar looking option is available at

20. Quick rss links
A smorgasboard of RSS readers can mean too many buttons on your blog. Many blogs contain quick subscription links to a variety of RSS readers.

Blog Flux Quick RSS Links solves that problem. Instead of having a dozen buttons ruining your design, just use our service. The user clicks on the link, and viola, subscribed!
(excerpt from the site)

You can get it done here:

21. You can write text and turn it into an image. You can create a banner for your blog etc.

Make sure you also click here!

They know how to KISS, i’m swept off my feet:)

22. Snag
Social Network Aggregator

The title caught my eyes. but i don’t know yet if it works on wp, or how.
perhaps i will catch up on it later….

23. Flock
Flock is a social web browser. If you become a member you can also display a button in your blog, so that people can join your flock!
To be a member go to

To get buttons:

24. Paypal
I didn’t know you could have a Paypal (or any other ) donation button in your blog, until very recently.

Learn how to do it here:

25. Geovisite

this is a graphical version of useronline. you can not only see how many people are visiting your blog at the moment, but also their location!
Get the code:

I think you have to reg first.
And oh, if you use the bigger image, it might break your layout. as i liked the bigger image better i actually pasted the code in a page titled “visitor info” instead😉

26.Want to know how many users are reading your website or blog in real time?
Then simply copy and paste the code you see below onto every one of your pages to bring up our nice little widget. No registration or setup required!
(excerpt from the site)

27. See your visitor info in graph!

28. Ecomments
Check it out. thay have a HUGE collection. also you can upload your own images if you register.

29. Copyscape
If you don’t want people to copy stuff, then put a sign. people are blogreaders, not mind readers!
add a simple banner from copyscape. get the code:
(once you click your chosen banner you will get the code)

30. Creative Commons

Ever found a blog that has a button saying “Some rights reserved”? get it on your blog from speaking, i haven’t been able to ‘crack the code’ yet. so no code or no how-to either for now.

31. Browsehappy
If you are dissatisfied with internet explorer, switch today! find other options at
And help spread the word by displaying a badge. Get codes:

32. Playpumps

1.1 billion people (18% of the world’s population) lack access to safe drinking water
(excerpt from the site)
Help playpumps raise money and distribute water in africa.
display a badge, get the codes here.

33. Blog Honor
Does Your Blog Have Honor? Display A Blog Honor Badge!
(excerpt from the site)
Get codes: I’m not sure if it is allowed for wp .commers according to the ToS.

34. Globalvoicesonline
Global Bloggers, let your voices be heard! Join the global conversation. Help people around the world find about about your blog, podcasts, and other online creations. Raise global awareness about what bloggers in your country and region are talking about.
(excerpt from site)
Display their badge. Get the code:

35. Blogforayear
This is a little out of the ordinary.
Go to
These people are trying to “Get paid to blog for an entire year” You can choose your candidate and display the relevent badge.

Hmm, interesting….
YOU can enter the competition too!

“The winning blogger will be offered a contract to work on his or her own blog full time for one year. The blogger will be paid $80,000 in even bi-weekly installments, just like a regular paycheck.”
(excerpt from the site)

A site where you can GENERATE YOUR OWN BADGE!
tra-la-la-la-la! All you have to do is open an account and upload an image and fill in some boxes.
VOILA! you can generate your own badge! with links and all – showing prospective bloggers where they can get the badge!

Even though i would prefer bloggers to get the code fro my own blog, I don’t think it is a bad substutute.

(And of course, you have access to others’ badges if you want some!)

37. Snipperoo
Widgets for your Site. Made Simple.
If you use widgets or want to use widgets to add interesting stuff to your site, Snipperoo lets you collect and use them without hacking code.
(excerpt from the site)

You can submit your own widget here.
some available stuff may not be pure HTML, i haven’t checked thoroughly.

38. Fuelmyblog
What does offer?

You can add your blog and an image
Vote for (“fuel this blog”) other blogs that you like to read
Find more blogs to read.

Introduce yourself, chat and discuss issues on our forum
Take part in our upcoming radio show
Find more readers for your blog
Join in competitions and win prizes
(excerpt from site)
Once you log in add your blog, you can get the code to display their banner, so that people can vote for your blog!

39. Globalwarming
Global Warming is an International Issue

Fight global warming. display a banner. get code:

40. gematriculator

Frankly speaking, i don’t know what to say about this site. they measure your site and say how much evil your site is. check out their statistics params…something strange is going on.
get code to display how evil your site is:

41. Goodsearch
raise money for charity just by searching with goodsearch
display a banner to help spread the word

You Search...We Give!

42. This is a note, really…:)
I have found a whole lot of interesting badges at
i am currently busy pasting some do-good-type banners at:

I’ll update this post as soon as the occassion calls for it. thanks!

43. This is yet another right-before-your-very-eyes image magicians.

They have an attractive collection and you can write text on some of them and customize the look with your own images in some!
Furthermore, if you open an account, they host images you make. so all you basically have to do is paste the html code and the image lands on your blog!
I’m impressed.

I like this one a lot. It looks just like an ordinary 80*15 button, but this one has magic powers. It shows the cpontry (a flag) and the IP of the current visitor!

45. Free stat counters
If you wanted to have a counter of a specific style, try these sites.

They have interesting designs, but they also come with a non-removeable sponsor link. Oh, bother!

46. Stat graph
You can see day-to-day stat graph. So you get to see how much progress you have made hit-wise.

47. Show your popularity!

This one takes the cake.
When your site is very popular you will need this one.

It shows how your blog is faring in different popularity sites. So instead of pasting codes from different sites you have to paste one code and you are done! Includes:

Google PageRank

Alexa Rank

Compete Rank

Quantcast Rank

Google BackLinks

Yahoo BackLinks

Live Search BackLinks

Technorati Links Bookmarks

Bloglines subscribers


DNS Report

That’s quite a lot. Hmmm, I was just wondering, is there any that let you see how popular you are at Stumble Upon, Reddit, Digg etc? Why aren’t they covered here?

48. Google page Rank
Yes, again! I can’t help it, This one is so cute! See your Google page rank under a magnifying glass!


By the way, don’t forget to check their FAQ page. It includes lots of info on how the page rank of a site is affected.

Psst: The page rank you see above is just an example, and is not that of my sote. Sigh….I wish!

49. Online quizzes with result codes for blogs!
These sites are very addictive indeed! They allow you to know yourself better. And since “I am the center of the universe” (isn’t it a quote by a philosopher or did I just make it up?) and you love yourself so much, there’s a chance that you will get completely hooked up in to time!
This is originally an online dating site. But they do have some cool tests. For example, you can get your blog rated!
They have a wide range of quizzes – starting from useful to quirky to huh?)
Trust me, unlike what the title suggests, this site is not just for nerds.

50. Fun pics for your blogs
Nerdtests strikes again! Told you it’s not just for nerds! - Proof of Global Warming

Did you know?
You can submit your own fun tests and fun pics at nerdtests!
I don’t understand something about this site though…….it is linked in Nerdtests, that’s how I found it. But they have same pics as in Nerdtests! I haven’t checked if all the contents are duplicate. Why don’t you do me a favour…….if it has something unique, tip me! I think it does.

51. Put a ticker on your blog!

You can choose different tickers and also set a style from many, many styles ! You can also change the size, so you can easily choose the smaller version for your sidebar!

52. Get your Facebook status on your WordPress

What can I say, geeks are wonderful human beings. Thanks to Cornell you can have your latest Facebook status show up on your WordPress blog! To get the really easy step-by-step instructions, just click on the hyperlinked Cornell!