Get royalty-free images for your blog/website from Riya!

LOOKING for royalty-free photographs for your website/blog? Well, here is yet another site where you can find royalty-free images.😀

Find royalty-free images at Riya Riya contains images of People and objects. Each of these also contain subcategories. The subcategories for people are celebrities and sports.

Under Objects are listed transport, nature and products. Each of these are again subdivided into more categories. For example, under nature, you will find images of Sunflowers, icebergs, sunsets, tigers, rainbows etc.

You can also search for a keyword or explore the tags!

You don’t even have to link back to them for using images! There’s one tiny little problem though. Photos tend to be too big! For example, the width of the photo I have in this post is 800 pixels. I resized it using image dimension information in the image code.

It is also possible to post an image directly in your blog, provided your blog is at Blogger or Typepad. You can even email a photo to a friend! But for that you have to be a Riya member, logged in and have the email in your address book at Riya.

Although you can find images at Riya for web use, it is only a small part of what Riya really is. I will surely do a post on my impressions of Riya, once I get a bit more familiar with its unique functions! As for now, I can say this much – you can upload your images at Riya for free. And that’s when the fun begins!


Can you guess why I posted the iceberg photo? I will give you a hint. I did it cos it reminded me of something. Can you guess what it reminded me of?😀

13 thoughts on “Get royalty-free images for your blog/website from Riya!

  1. err i just saw your reply netty , the link for the Quiz is this one :
    Sorry i didn’t put it cose i put my friend u were suposed to go there and take it..oh well…:D hey don’t forget to let me know the sooooo wanna know lol

  2. bingo!😀
    it was titanic! it reminded me of that moment especially, when the men screamed ICEB-E-E-E-E-RG!

    secondary reason, it also looks like an ice giant staring at me as it is floating or drowning in mid-ocean!

    the quiz result was from personaldna? as it hap’ns, i have already taken it! click the ME tab at the top of my blog. there you will find the link to my quiz result!

    i’m sorry i didn’t get the hint that i was supposed to go over to your friend’s blog for that. your friend’s blog should be hyperlinked!

    but as it happens, i have already been to naisha’s blog via your sidebar and i like it!😀

  3. Ha now Im jealous !! your DNA result are soooooo cool😀 I want that too lol
    How do you hyperlinked anyway ? and what hyperlinked mean ??

  4. yours is cooler! you are a thinker! reminds me of degas’ sculpture the thinker!

    hyperlinked is something you know already! it’s something when it is clickable! for example, your previous avatars were not hyperlinked, and i couldn’t visit your blog via your avatar. but now it’s clickable, or hyperlinked!

    to make a url clickable,you need a tags.

    you use firefox, right? d/l scribefire. it’s a blog editor. you can create hyperlinks there easily. i do it all the time!

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  6. i think u’re thinking of Titanic.

    Hi good to be back here reading some posts.:)

    opsss…will try the link here who knows i can pick one nice sunset for my header.:)

  7. oppss i posted comment right away without reading your answer to the number 1 commenter ha. so i guess i got it right. hahaha

  8. sista,
    this post is not about feeds. nevertheless, welcome to my blog!😀

    do you have a blog? if so, then you only need to add /feed after your blog url. and if you have a blog, and don’t know your feed url, please go to you can burn your feed there for free! also, it’s very easy!😀

  9. sunshineforlife,
    in a way it’s good that you didn’t read my answer first. that way i got to know about your guess! isn’t it kind of uncanny the way we all had the same reactions?😀

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