How to offer “email a friend” options under each blog post using Feedburner

DID you know that it is possible to offer “Email a friend” options for each post using Feedburner? And no, I am not talking about the “Get email update” things from Feedburner.

“Email a friend” options are available for many blogging platforms, but not – the script is not compatible with blogs.

If you are like me, you probably feel underprivileged. But say good-bye to disappointments. Here is how you can work Feedburner to have “email a friend” option under the posts of your blog.

The manual process discussed in this post is no longer applicable, because there is a much better way to generate Feedburner “email this” links for your posts. I have created a Feedburner bookmarklet that automatically gets the job done. To learn how to use the bookmarklet, use the following link:

How to use the “Email this post” Feedburner bookmarklet for blog posts

Posted on April, 14, 2008

Log in to your Feedburner account. Select the feed of your blog and click “Optimize”. Choose “Feedflare” from the links that appear on the left. Activate and save it.

(I have assumed that you have a Feedburner account already. If not, go ahead! Create one and burn your feed! Otherwise this trick is totally useless!)

Take a look at the code below. you will need it to get feedburner to work for your “email a friend” options.

Step-by-step instructions:

1. Publish a blog post.

2. Write the words “Email a friend” under your post.

3. Copy and paste the code(without any space anywhere) above – and get it linked to the words “Email a friend”.

Replace BlogPostTitle with the title of your actual blog post. Likewise, replace BlogPostUrl with the permalink of your blog post (please be careful not to paste the blog url!)

4. Save and view the post.

5. Come back to this post and thank me!😀

No, seriously, if you like this workaround, do tell me. I thrive on feedback, don’t you know!

(Posted on Mar, 24, 2008)

And here is a bookmarklet to automate the “email this” link creation process! It’s a two-click process.

Better still, try out this one-click Feedburner bookmarklet to automatically generate the needed url!

Click the link below to see that the trick really works and also to.. ahem… email this post to a friend!

Email a friend

Bookmark this post and help others find it!

19 thoughts on “How to offer “email a friend” options under each blog post using Feedburner

  1. this may be what I’m looking for. it is a way to set up auto matic emails to lots of people when I post to my blog?
    I’m pretty new to all of this, and the terminology is confusing to me. I appreciate any help.

  2. It worked ! I decided to go with a similar way I worked out. Get Feedburner to put all those itty bitty flares in the feed. Then view the feed. You will see all the feedburner links at the bottom. Use “View Selection Source” in Firefox and post the HTML into the post. There they are !

    The only thing I can’t get going is …

    1. The “split post” tag in the editor is supposed to truncate the RSS, but I still get 2x flare icons. Superficial problem really.

    2. The Feedburner images are a little hard to see on some backgrounds, but table code with a background colour does not really work … WordPress adds tags for some reason. Again it’s pretty superficial:)

  3. hi ian,
    i am glad you liked it! so, did it work?

    thanks for visiting! about your problem, it can be solved if you have a facebook account. open a new group, request people you’d like to send automatic email updates to to join the group. mention that in that way they will be notified each time you have a new post. and every time you post a new write-up in your blog, you can send them an email (with facebook, mass emailing is automatic) to them saying “hi, here is a new post. it’s about…..” or something like that and add the link to your post.
    be aware that sending emails automatically to people you don’t know is usually considered spammy. but if do it the facebook way, it’s ok, cos they are all related to you in the first place.

    welcome to my blog! i am glad you got a lot more out of the trick! you are clever {jealous smile}.
    i have settled for “email this” and “addthis” flares for my other under-construction blog.

  4. hey,
    good to have you back!😀
    but um, why were we questioning what?

    i am not upto blogging, really! but i will do some stuff over here nevertheless. withdrawal is such a pain!

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  6. please click the url of the pingback above. u will find a bookmarklet in that post that will make “email a friend” option for each post an automatic task. i have been looking for a way to build such a bookmarklet. only, i wasn’t smart enough to do that!
    yay, now i have it!😀

  7. Netty Gritty, thanks, maybe you could make an english version of the bookmarklet (or I can make it for you) to post here with a how-to in english? I guess it’s not that easy for people who don’t speak italian and the fact that doesn’t allow to post javascript code in a link makes it even more difficult… just let me know, if you like.

  8. isadora!
    finally i have you in my blog in person!😀
    well, translating is not a problem for me. i know italian.

    just kidding! i ‘d get it done by google translation! actually i did wanna do it before, but i felt discouraged by the type of cc license you have in your blog!
    so i will do it and put a link back to your post!
    i think your whole site will benefit from translation. so why not put up links to babelfish/google translation for your blog in the sidebar?

    thanks for the appreciation! i am blogging after a long break. it is great to feel needed!

  9. Netty Gritty, actually there are many excellent sites in english already (Lorelle’s, Internet duct tape by engtech, timethief’s, your one and many others I forgot to mention now), so there’s actually no need for another one, but if you feel like using some contents, help yourself and if you need help just ask. The license is by-nc-sa, so you can use and modify the content as you like as long as it’s not for commercial purposes and you put a link back to my blog.

  10. isadora,
    thanks for your compliments regarding my blog! as for your blog, although there are many good english blogs, yours do contain unique materials – just like any good english blog out there! if you had google translation, then it would have been useful for us who don’t understand italian. i for one have bookmarked the google translation version of your blog!:mrgreen:

    about you cc license, i guess i didn’t look hard enough – it’s liberal enough it seems!!

    i will try to do the english version of your post. if i don’t succeed, you know whom i will ask for help!

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  12. hi! when i replace the BlogPostTitle value and you said there should be no space, that means I have to use %20 to indicate space between words in the title?

  13. hi again! i should’ve tried it first before asking. it’s already working!

    great tip. thanks!

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