Top 5 ways to promote your Tag Cloud

TAG CLOUDS are an aesthetically pleasing way of giving the first impression of your blog in a nutshell. So how about promoting the Tag Cloud of your blog to prospective readers?😀

Idea #1: Promotional emails

Everybody uses emails.

Compose an email and paste your Tag Cloud in the body. Just copy the Tag Cloud from the page of your blog and the Tag Cloud will appear in the body of the email! Additionally, write something like this:

This is the Tag Cloud of my blog about […]. Please forward this email at least to one person to help them find out this wonderful blog!

Send the email to a close friend of yours (who may or may not be a reader of your blog). Because (s)he is a good friend, she will forward it to another friend. And pretty soon, friends of your friend and their friends and their friends will learn about your Tag Cloud and hopefully feel intrigued enough to visit your blog!


Idea #2: Via links in comments

Be your usual generous and intelligent commenter self and write comments in different blogs. But instead of pasting the address of your blog in the url field, paste the url of your Tag Cloud page. That way, those who are intrigued about your blog because of your (excellent) comment will access the Tag Cloud of your blog in just one click.

Tag Cloud in comments

You should not comment just for the sake of promoting your Tag Cloud, make it a real comment that relates to the corresponding post. Avoid being spammy.


Idea #3: Showcase your Tag Cloud in your Facebook profile

This can work wonders if you use Facebook actively, especially if your friends visit your profile frequently. If not, you can simply send your Facebook friends a message, inviting them to visit your profile and click on a Tag to find something useful in your blog. I am sure you know how to cajole your friends!

So how do you get to show your Tag Cloud in your Facebook profile?
Add an app that allows you to paste HTML code. I used Profile HTML.

Simply view the Tag Cloud of your blog in Firefox. Select all the tags, right-click and select “View Selection Source”. Copy the selected code and paste it in the body of your “Html Profile” box. Your Tag Cloud will be sitting all dressed up in all its clicky splendour right in your Facebook profile!

Tag Cloud for Facebook


Idea #3: Make a Tag Cloud T-shirt

Yes! Although a T-shirt is not exactly clickable, it’s a nice way of promoting your blog in real-life. Just make sure you include the url of your blog somewhere in the T-shirt.

Copy your Tag Cloud in MS Word and reformat it in such a way that it’s suitable as a layout for a T-shirt. Now paste the Tag Cloud in a file in an image processing program and save it. Open a store at Cafepress and follow the necessary steps in order to create the T-shirt. You will find all the necessary information in Cafepress. And the best part is, you don’t have to spend a single buck before someone actually places an order.

If you have some money (like, 18 dollars), then check out Snapshirts, they extract a tag cloud out of a url and create a T-shirt adorned with the Tag Cloud.

Tag Cloud from Snapshirts


Idea #4: Create you business card showcasing your Tag Cloud

Create a business card (or get it designed by an expert) and use the Tag Cloud as a watermark. Provide all the necessary information that belongs to a business card. And oh! Don’t forget to provide the url of your blog! Now all you have to do is distribute the cards!

Idea #5: Share your Tag Cloud as a Posted item in Facebook

Facebook, Facebook, Facebook – well, it’s one of the most happening social networking sites out there. So, it wouldn’t be a good idea to ignore it!

Sharing the url of your Tag Cloud page as a Posted Item is a good idea. That way, those who don’t come to your profile can still access it.


So, can you think up even some more ideas for promoting Tag Clouds? Don’t forget the extra hits they can generate {drool}!


Copying the Tag Cloud from your Tag Cloud page will work only for blogs that created the Tag Cloud in a specific method. This method renders the font in such a way that the variation of font size remains unchanged when the Tag Cloud is pasted elsewhere.

If you don’t have a blog, you might still want to carry out the process in order to have a paste-worthy version of your Tag Cloud. If you need assistance, please don’t hesitate to use the comment box!


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16 thoughts on “Top 5 ways to promote your Tag Cloud

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  2. A tag cloud t-shirt! Too much. Wow, you’re back with a huge outpouring of information Sanjida. It’s great to read your tips, wisdom, excitement and humour again! I just have one question, what if someone does try to click on my tag-cloud t-shirt?😉

  3. oh gosh!

    u r toooooooo kind! (blushing}

    hmm, i think if someone tries to click your t-shirt, s-he will be clicking your heart instead.. i mean, if her/his aim is right!

  4. wow, i will follow first the suggestion number #… be right back, i will go to my email and send a friend a tag cloud!

  5. hey baikong,
    how did that email thing go?

    did you have trouble pasting the tag cloud? i didn’t try pasting it from the side bar, do tell me if you posted it from a tag cloud page or the side bar.

  6. I follow the suggestion number 1, posting tags through email… so i sent it all the way to my friends. and it works.:-) I copy the tag clouds in the sidebar, then paste it in the body of my email.

    Its wonderful.

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  8. Great suggestion: Get a blog cloud T-shirt printed!

    It is a pity that blogspot doesnt have a tag cloud….they should think of getting one…

    do you know where to get a free blog cloud widget for your blogspot blog?

    Thanks again for submitting this post to the “best three posts” contest

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  10. Promoting your tag cloud! No there’s an idea! I don’t think I’ve ever heard that advice before, but it makes so much sense. Everyone can see immediately whether or not your blog has something of interest to them and can go directly to that topic. Now all we have to do is get every blogger to display their tag cloud prominently for first impressions.😛 I hate it when I can’t figure out what a blog is about without clicking a million pages.

    I would like to point out a potential problem. You end number 2 with, “Don’t be spammy” but that is exactly what I feel number 1 is. Forward junk is a problem, and I don’t think we need to add to it with an unsolicited spam chain mail. Of course, if you’re referring to a general email sent to all your buds along the lines of “Hey, I have a blog about such and suck. Here’s the tag cloud. See if any of the topics interest you. If you know someone else who likes such and such I’d appreciate it if you forwarded this to them. . ,” that’s just letting friends know about your blog and reminding them it is possible to tell others – something very valuable.

    I wonder: is it possible to add a tag cloud to your email signature? Repeated exposure and all. . .

  11. Holy smokes, this is quite a site and sight! LOL! Super blog. It will takes me a bit to get through it, but plan on learning along the way. Thanks!

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