How to have Tags list in a blog

HERE is a way to have a Tags list in your blog. The only default way of displaying Tags in your blog is by having the Tag Cloud widget. But this easy tutorial will help you get a Tags list in the sidebar or even in a page/post.

Do you have Firefox? Then view your blog in firefox and carry on!

Step-by-step instructions

  1. Go to widgets in your admin area and choose “Tag Cloud”. Save changes. Don’t worry about having the Tag Cloud in the sidebar if you don’t want it. It’s only for a while.
  2. View your blog.
  3. Select the Tags as they appear in the sidebar.
  4. Right-click and select “View Selection source”.
  5. Copy the selected code.
  6. Paste the copied code in a Note pad file.
  7. Save the Notepad file as an html file titled Tags. Just write Tags.html in the “Save” dialogue box and the Tags.html file will be created.
  8. Open the Tags html file in a new tab.
  9. Copy the tags.
  10. Now open a new MS Word document and paste the tags. All the tags will appear one beside another and will flow into multiple lines if you have many tags. The hyperlinks will remain intact.
  11. For a tag list, we need the tags neatly lined up in a row. To achieve that select all, click “Styles and Formatting” undr the tab “Format” choose clear formatting.
  12. Now press enter in between two tags. Continue the process to have all your tags lined up in a row.
  13. Save the MS Word file as a webpage. Give it the name TagsMS.
  14. Open TagsMS in a new tab and select the tags.
  15. Right-click, select “View Selection Source” and copy the selected code.
  16. Go to the widgets area of your blog admin and add a text widget. Paste the code in this widget. You might want to remove the “Tag Cloud” widget at this point.
  17. Save changes and view your post. Your side bar will have a Tag list instead of a Tag Cloud!
  18. Tags list for

On the left is a Tag list I created on a test basis for a test blog.

An important point:
If you have hundreds of tags, then your tag list will be miles long – not a good thing at all if you prefer a neat-looking side bar.

What you can do is, pick just the most important tags manually, for display on the side bar and put a link under the tags that can say “View all tags”. The words “View all tags” can be linked to a Tag Cloud page. You can learn how to create a Tag Cloud page for your blog.

You might also want to have a Tags List page instead of a Tag Cloud page. Just paste everything in a page instead of in the text widget and name the page Tag List. To make navigation easier for your readers, you might even use page jump techniques.

One more thing
This whole thing is a manual process. For this reason, new tags will not show up automatically when you create them.

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  1. Thanks Netty Gritty! I love really your page because you just teach beginners like me (who’s going crazy and nuts over this codes and techie world). You make our lives and blogging easier! Really a good work. I will try doing the page jump thing..:-)

  2. baikong,

    it’s a pleasure to have a reader who appreciates my blog so much.
    i was once a think-headed novice. this is why i wanted to blog in a novice-friendly fashion.

    if you ever feel stuck about something concerning codes/techie stuff for your blog, feel free to ask me for a solution. i love to figure out roundabout solutions for!😀 so if you ask me for help, you will be supplying me with new blogging ideas!

  3. Thanks NEtty GRitty,

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  8. sherifgs,
    thanks for your comment, but i don’t understand. what free wordpress blog? are you takling about free wordpress blogs like this one? In that case, the tags list does work here!

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