How to offer a “Share on Facebook” option under ( blog posts

Post update: 07 July, 2010
You can add the “Share on Facebook” button in a blog post in an even simpler method than the one described in this post.😀
Read the following tutorial:
How to add a “Share on Facebook” button in a blog post in ONE click

FACEBOOK is one of the most hip and happening social networking sites out there. If you are a blogger and if you are serious about blog promotion, then sharing your posts in Facebook is a good idea. So how do we offer “Share on Facebook” under blog posts?

Screenshot of Share on Facebook option for

That’s easy (provided you use Firefox). And the solution will work for any blogging platform (and even that will allow you to paste a bit of Html code.😀

Ready for the tutorial? Good! You will need to click on the following link.

Share on Facebook bookmarklet for and grab the “Share on Facebook” bookmarklet.


  1. View a published post in Firefox. Make sure you see the permalink of the post in the adress bar, and not the blog url.
  2. Now click the Share on Facebook bookmarklet. A new url will be generated in the address bar. This is the url that you will need.
  3. Copy the url from the address bar. (The url automatically turns into the “log-in” url of Facebook, which is useless for this project and so please log in to your Facebook account before pressing the bookmarklet!)
  4. Go to the admin area of your blog post and link the url to a Facebook icon or the words “Share on Facebook”.
  5. Save changes and view the post.


In case of questions or compliments, please feel free to use the comment box!


Share on Facebook

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35 thoughts on “How to offer a “Share on Facebook” option under ( blog posts

  1. you dont seem to have a facebook account?

    anyway this is another great tip!

    Just loved your site and yes selecting the best from your posts is tough!

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  3. I visited the diy forums (see the trackback just above) and figured that the solutions provided are completely unsuitable for wordpress-dot-com users, since they don’t have access to php files. The solution provided in this post is the only solution I know of that works for wordpresscom. It is not at all complicated once you get the hang of it.

    • Wow,
      I have a doctor in my blog!😀

      Well, a notepad is a simple text editor for windows. Are you using windows? If yes, I will continue. If not, please specify which operating system you use and I will continue accordingly.

  4. this was a really quality post. In theory I’d like to write like this also – taking time and real effort to make a good article. Really what I needed. Thanks I have been looking for this sort of info for a long time.

  5. I tried this, but when I try to post to Facebook, the thumbnail never shows up and it won’t allow me to post it.

      • It is supposed to work in wordpress.COM blogs. If yours is one then I need more info before I can help. Exactly where are you stuck? Were you able to add the bookmarklet in your browser? Were you able to launch the button using the bookmarklet? Etc etc…

    • I was able to add the bookmarklet in my browser, and it worked. Everything works as advertised until I try to post it to Facebook. It shows the share button and everything, but the loading icon for the thumbnails never stops loading, and it won’t allow me to share until it finishes.

      • I can’t figure out why it is happening in your blog. I have just tested the FB button in my blog fearing it’s not working and I don’t have this problem. I will let you know if I can figure out a way.

  6. has added Sharing feature. Do you know how to add Facebook Share button with add new service option?

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