How to have full-size images in a blog

WORDPRESS.COM now allows you to choose from three sizes, when you upload an image – thumbnail, medium size and full-size.
While it is very convenient, there is a complaint. The images that are supposed to be full-size are NOT so! They can be termed “Large size”, but not full size, as the image dimensions are somewhat reduced if the image you upload is bigger than what is allowed in a theme.

Here we will learn how to have full-size images in a blog using the Flash uploader. We will first experiment with an image of maximum size (505x) allowed in this theme (Freshy). And we will learn to do that in two processes.

Process #1
1. First upload an image from your computer. To do that press the Image icon on the right side of Add Media.


In a while you will see a “Crunching” message. Your image is on the way to its new home.


2. When the image is uploaded the image name will appear along with the caption, title and Description field. You also have a text area where you see the newly generated image url. See the image below.


3. Simply copy the url and click outside the Uploader. The Uploader will vanish.
4. Now go to the code mode and, click the img tab and paste the copied image url.

Or using the Visual Editor, click the Tree Icon, paste the image url and click “Insert”.
And the image will appear in your post.

Process #2
1. Perform the steps 1 – 3 as explained in process#1.

2. Make the necessary changes in the available fields, choose Full size and press “Insert Into Post”.


And the image will appear in your post. Now whether the image is indeed Full Size or not depends on whether your image fulfils the image size requirements of your theme

I can’t vouch for all themes, but for this theme (Freshy) in both procedures I uploaded a 505x wide image and as you can see, the images were not reduced. They appear to be the same size.

See below.

A sample full size image for
Uploaded in process #1

Uploaded in process #2

For Advanced Bloggers
Go for Process#2. It will automatically insert image attributes like the alt tag and image dimensions.


My images are not Full-size and I chose Full-size!

Try process #1, instead of process#2. But please make sure that the size of the image you want to upload fits your theme requirement. Otherwise, either the page lay-out will be broken or the right-side of your image will be cut off (depending on which browser you are using.) if you upload the image in process #1. And if you choose process #2 to upload your image that is too big for your theme, wordpress will automatically resize it to fit the theme (but the resized version may not fulfil your size requirements).

I have read of several instances where WordPress failed to insert full-size images into posts EVEN when the user chose “full-size” as described in process#2 and EVEN when the image was presized to fit the theme. If you have similar problems, process #1 won’t betray you.

If you (accidentally) upload oversized images, then after uplaoding click the image. Some handles (square boxes) will appear around the image. drag a corner handle to resize it as appropriate. This option works well in Firefox, I can’t vouch for other browsers.


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20 thoughts on “How to have full-size images in a blog

  1. Thankyou for trying to help me. I will follow the tutorial to the letter and see how I go. I did look up Firefox but was overwhelmed by so many options. Can you recommend any particular one that assists with WordPress compatability please? I have felt so dejected trying to solve this problem for the past couple of weeks and really appreciate your help.

  2. hello julie,
    welcome to my blog!
    it’s always a pleasure to help others and so you are welcome!πŸ˜€

    i don’t understand what you mean by “so many options”, did you mean “firefox options” or wordpress options for media?

    maybe we should do this over email, right?

  3. my wordpress blog is ending up as a mirror site of my blog at blogspot, I am really having some challenging times working around it it is much more complicated than that of blogspot. I have lots of friends telling me it is easy but it seems I am more at ease with blogspot though.

  4. @julie,
    i read in the forums and in my email that my tut helped you. i’m glad teh ordeal is all over for you!πŸ˜€

    welcome to my blog!
    i’m afraid i don’t have any experience at blogger, so i can’t compare between the two. i do know something though, although wordpress is loaded with extra features and is essentially splog-free, it is not particularly user-friendly right at this moment. imo, it shouldn’t be so hard to understand how to perform such simple tasks as how to insert full-size images, as it is now.

    i am an optimist and i hope wordpress will learn from its mistakes and recover soon.

    if you have any problem with wordpress, do share with me or ask others in the forums. i will do all i can to help you!πŸ˜€

  5. Hi, your tutorial helped me today, thanks a lot! (I’ve been uploading images of the exact same size for 10 months now with no problems, and suddenly new images were showing up smaller.)

  6. prometheuscomic,
    thanks for letting me know that my post was useful. i truly appreciate it!πŸ˜€

    i hope wordpress gets over it soon! i mean, isn’t wp a little too old to play such practical jokes on users?

  7. Actually there is a little easier way that doesn’t require a trip to the code tab. Few are comfortable with code.

    Upload the image, copy the URL of the image, click on save all changes at the bottom of the upload window and then paste the URL into the section labeled from URL and click insert into post.

  8. hi coyote,
    thanks for your suggestion!πŸ˜€
    i believe it is similar to process #1 i described above.

    process #1 requires you to copy the url and does NOT require the user to save the changes. just clicking outside the Flash Uploader will make the uploader vanish. then the user does NOT have to go to the code tab – although it is an option for those who prefer it. (s)he can always choose the tree tab in the visual mode as described in the post, no?πŸ˜€

  9. Still in my opinion more complex than just clicking on save changes and pasting it into the from URL field. Two less steps than going through the HTML tab actually.

    Yours from the copy URL:
    1. copy URL
    2. click outside window
    3. click on html tab
    4. click on link button
    5. paste URL
    6. click insert

    Mine from the copy URL
    1. copy URL
    2. click save changes
    3. paste URL
    4. click insert into post

    With WordPress making things more complex with the latest update, a couple clicks here or there is a good thing.

  10. hey, thanks for coming back!

    you got my points 3 and 4 a bit wrong. it doesn’t HAVE to be the html tab. the tree icon in the visual mode will suffice! and as for #4, it’s not the link tab (even if you were using the code mode – it has to be the img tab!

    as for your suggestion…….
    um, actually i don’t see the “Save changes” button in my blog at all!
    and inserting the image url directly WON’T show the image in your blog! for an image to show, it has to be withing img src tag – which is automatically generated by the tree icon in the visual mode or the img tab in the code mode.

    AND paste url and insert url – both of them are not necessary in a single process. only one is needed. “insert into post” is needed only for process #2, which is meant for advanced users.
    i hope you understand the difference between the two processes!πŸ˜€

    ps: both of the processes i have discussed includes just four steps, not six!

  11. If the save all changes button does not show at the bottom of the window after you upload the image, then you have a problem. After uploading an image, you copy the URL of the image, scroll to the bottom and click on save all changes button, then paste the URL into the URL field after the window refreshes and click “insert into post button in the “from URL section, and IT DOES insert the image into the post when you hit the “insert into post” button at the bottom of the “from URL field. I use it all the time since I always presize my images and don’t want WP deciding on what size it should be. With your procedure, if you use the tree icon, it is one less step, but requires that you wait for another window to load (the tree window).

    I was using the tree icon to insert images within a day or two after the upgrade, but my procedure saves me time over using the tree icon.

  12. I’ll correct it:
    Your procedure using the tree icon

    1. copy URL
    2. click outside window
    3. click on tree icon (my computer takes 3 seconds to load it)
    4. paste URL
    5. click insert

    By the way, if you are inserting images already uploaded and in the media library, there will be no “from URL” if you click on the save changes button in which case you have to use the tree icon.

    I upload and insert images on the fly because uploading multiple files is still problematic and sometimes one or two out of four won’t upload requiring me to upload them again, so I seldom insert from the media library.

  13. YES, THAT’S TRUE!😦 can’t see “save changes”
    i can’t even see the “insert into post” button unless i temporarily close my browser bars (inclucing the bookmarking bar AND navigation bar!)

    yes, inserting into post will make the image appear in the post. as in the process #2 in my postπŸ˜€

    although i don’t use the media library i have explored it a bit. it IS possible to figure out the image url from there too! just right-click on an image. it will show the option “copy image url”. might be useful for multiple image posting in a post, IF you have the media library open in another window.

    the “tree window” takes long for me to load too! that’s why i wrote about he “img” tab in code mode first).

    and oh, another thing, the way you pointed down my procedure – i don’t think #3 and #4 are quite right – cos you used both “paste url” and “insert into post” options!

    if i correct the way you described my process #1, it will be:
    1.copy url
    2. click outside the Flash Uploader window
    3. click on tree icon in visual mode if you have time to wait (or the img tab in code mode (really, it’s quicker and it doesn’t bite!)
    4. paste url

    and it’s done in 4 steps!πŸ˜€

    it’s been nice diccussing details here! do you think you can make a similar post (with images – cos images will guide your readers more easily)? i would love to read your tut post!πŸ˜€

  14. After paste URL you have to click “insert” to insert the URL and close the tree window.

  15. ok, so i missed the “insert into post” AFTER “pasting the url” in the “tree tab” – and all this time i thought you were referring to the Flash uploader. {banging head}😳

    anyways, apparently the inadvertent omission didn’t cause any havoc amongst troubled bloggers. i’m still gonna update the tut.

    thanks for your patience!πŸ˜€

  16. The tree icon procedure is certainly valid, and people should be aware of it since the WordPress upload/insert is not completely stable and consistent at this time, and being flash based, perhaps it never will be (pretty cutting edge).

  17. hmm, if the flash uploader fails, i guess one can use the browser uploader!

    the tree icon is good, but it is not capable of uploading an image from your computer – it allows you only to paste an image url.😦

  18. Another one points, it’s truly great the auto resizing features. But when you changed your theme and then upload another one photos and select the same option (such as medium-large size) you will see that the images size bit bigger or bit smaller of your past published photos/images and fit with wordpress theme.

    But what about other uploaded pics. Say, if your themes content space not so width then big images will automatically break the content area and ended up on sidebar.😦

    From insert/edit images options, directly you can resize the images but automated and manual has some difference I found. Automated looks smooth and you can read hardly(if too much small). But, manual image resizing, you can’t read and also fonts gonna break.

    Any solutions?

    Thanks to share with us.

  19. hello sakib,
    thanks for your comment!πŸ˜€

    unfortunately i have no solution to the problem! i wish wordpress didn’t have so many issues!😦

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