How to copy text with link from a hyperlink in any site in just three clicks

YOU can learn how to easily copy text with link from any site in just three clicks. Usually it is not so simple. Say, you want to showcase a post of another blogger in your blog. What do you do? You have to first copy the title and paste it. And then you have to copy the link location and link the previously copied title to that url. What if you could do it all in one go, without having to go back-and-forth?

Colt is a Firefox add-on that allows you to do just that.

What is CoLT?

CoLT (short for “Copy Link Text”) is a tiny extension for Firefox which makes it easier than ever to copy a hyperlink’s associated text. For example, if I were to use this extension to copy this link to my blog, the copied text would quite literally be this link to my blog.

CoLT also includes a means of copying both a link’s text and URL at the same time. This feature is particularly handy for bloggers, web developers, or anyone else who finds themselves writing links to other places on the web. The latest release allows users to create an unlimited number of custom formats for copying both the link text and location.

From Born Geek

You can configure the links in these formats – HTML Link, Plain Text, BBCode, Fusetalk, Wikipedia.

Click here to install the extension in your Firefox.

If you want to use it to configure a link to be used in a blog or site, choose HTML link.

Copy text with link for your blog or site

Copy text with link for your blog or site

After the copying is done, simply paste it in the desired location of your blog!


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18 thoughts on “How to copy text with link from a hyperlink in any site in just three clicks

  1. Not helpful. Still have no idea how to insert a hyperlink. It is so easy to do in Excel.

    • From Excel? Nor everyone has that. I use colt ALL the time, and it is super-easy and helpful and I get the work done right in the browser, whenever I want just by right-clicking. Opening an external programme when I am online only to do what I can do in my browser in seconds doesn’t sound like a time-saver.

      If you re-read the tutorial, you might understand it!😀

  2. No,Not helpful.All I want to know is if I want to send a web page as a link to someone,which will be coloured so that it can be directly clicked and the page opens,rather than the receiver copying and pasting to open the web page.

    • And where exactly do you want to do that? In emails? In Facebook? Somewhere else? Please specify and I will answer your question if I have an answer.

  3. Hi Im struggling I have done what you have explained but its not working, it copies but not as a hyperlink, am I being thick please help:)

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