How to allow your reader to read only text of your blog post

When reading is the prime objective, images can distract. So, if your reader only wants to read your blog, and not see images, you can help her/him to do so! The images in the header, footer side bar area and main blog post will not show and so the web page can be easily read.

Note: This tip also applies to bloggers at!😀

All you have to do is use Firefox and add the Google Text-Only Cache Bookmarklet to your Bookmarks Toolbar.

Please visit the following link to get the bookmarklet.

Now when you write a new post, write the words Read text only under the main post. Publish the new post and view it in a new tab. Now stay in the tab and click the new bookmarklet from your Bookmarks Toolbar (it says “text cache”) .

Let the page reload and voila! What do you see?
A text-only version of your blog post!😀

Copy the url from the address bar. go to the tab that has admin view of your post and link the words Read text only to the url. Update the page. Now go to the tab that shows your blog post and reload it.

Click the text link Read text only and just read, read, read!😀
❗ It takes some time for Google to “cache” a web page. So, don’t despair if the link doesn’t yield results instantly.

Click the text link below to read text-only version of this page.
Read text only

Bonus tip:
If you want to read just text from any web page, you can launch the bookmarklet to read just text. Alternately you can add the Readability bookmarklet, which gives you some cutomization options for your text-only page layout!😀


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