How to add a “Share on Facebook” button in a blog post in ONE click

How to add the “Share on Facebook” button in one click

1. Write a new post and publish it.
Don’t view your post yet. Stay in your VISUAL editor and click the “Share on Facebook” bookmarklet from your Firefox Toolbar (the bookmarklet says “Share on facebook”)

2. Update and view the post.

That’s it! Enjoy your new button.

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The button below was added in this method
Share on Facebook

Add this anywhere Share

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13 thoughts on “How to add a “Share on Facebook” button in a blog post in ONE click

  1. Great idea, but won’t work in Monotone, a photo blogging theme. Monotone treats the facebook image as the image of the post. Any way around this?

  2. @waldonia,
    Thanks for your comment.😀
    For Monotone, you have to use a text link, instead of an image link. If you need help with that, just write a comment.

  3. Pingback: It sure FELT good!

  4. Unfortunately it doesn’t work for me. I followed the instruction (there’s non possiblity to fail!), but nothing happened.
    I’m using a plugin for bilingual publishing (qTranslate)- maybe there’s some incompatibility.
    Cano you maybe help me? Thanx

    • You are most welcome! Do take a look around my blog. I have a lot of unique workarounds written only for!😀
      And don’t hesitate to ask for help if you need on anything!

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