How to add both “Share on Facebook” and “Facebook like” buttons easily in a blog post

If you have always wanted to use both “Share on Facebook” and “Facebook Like” buttons in a blog post, then celebrate already! Because from this moment on, you are gonna be able to do just that! You don’t even have to go to an external site to create codes. In fact, do it even before leaving the blog editor after you create a new post!😀

Okay, since you are interested (otherwise you wouldn’t have read this far!), just hop over to the following link and grab the bookmarklet.

Facebook Like and Share bookmarklet for

Now, to know how to use the bookmarklet to add both of these buttons, just…

turn the page!

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  1. Having tried your “Share on Facebook” button, I noticed a difference between Sharing this way vs direct pasting of URL into Wall post. Pasting of URL does not prompt the captcha while captcha prompts as soon as I hit the share button. I guess this is the way FB has designed things to avoid being spammed?

  2. Captha doesn’t show up when you are logged into Facebook – when you use the button I provided. It’s just a way to ensure that a post is being submitted by a human and not some bot.

    You are logged in, when you paste something in your wall directly, that’s why you don’t see captha then.

  3. I had a few friends overseas test the button and all of them (who had their FB signed in) also received the captcha prompt so I guess it’s expected then. I do have a concern and I understand why WordPress doesn’t like the idea of giving us a Like or Share button – Facebook seems temperamental and keeps changing their modus operandi. I worry with all the buttons we’re including into our post, what if someday Facebook changes their codes .. would that make your buttons useless?

  4. Jan,
    I am really sorry for the misinformation… that you won’t encounter the captha if you are logged into facebook. It comes after the “share” button is clicked in Facebook, so I dodn’t see it first. But it’s not something that happens only when you use the “Share on Facebook” code given here. I have tested other sites that have “Share on Facebook” button (but not the code included in this blog ) – both and platforms – and the captha appears. I guess Facebook acts like Digg, ie: you have to do the captha thing before you submit (unlike Twitter, where there’s no captha).

    What if Facebook changes the code? Then I guess all the platforms that use “Share on Facebook” button will be affected!

    WordPress doesn’t make it easy for us to include most share buttons in our blog posts, not just Facebook!

  5. Just as a note I tried the bookmark in Google Chrome and it works flawlessly! Excellent as always! I don’t know what I would do without this site NG. I will post this in the spanish forums so people can see this!


  6. Thanks much for the compliments!

    You”ll recommend this in the spanish forums? Cool! Maybe I should put a link to a “Translate page into Spanish” also!😀

    Works in Google Chrome too? O my, I feel like I am on top of the world!

  7. You’ve already given us so much & I’m grateful for that but…
    Is there any way to get a counter inline with the Share button?

  8. @Tracie Hellwinckel,
    Thanks to YOU for taking the time to thank me!😀
    Most people just learn the trick and sneak away!

    I am so sorry, the script needed to show a counter won’t work in
    Thanks for the compliment!😀

  9. How do you launch the Bookmarklet? I’m search but I’m not finding any button that pulls this up. What am I missing? Clearly I’m not very tech-ie!


  10. Hi, Amy, it’s ok not to be techie. I’m techie-ish purely accidentally!
    Do you mean you couldn’t add the bookmarklet at all or can you not put the buttons using the bookmarklet?

    If you are having problem adding the bookmarklet, tell me which browser you are using and I will be able to help you!😀

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  12. This is just awesome !! Thank you. I just have one regret, the “like” button does almost the same thing as “share” button.

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  14. I wanted to enable and disable the share button on my web page. My share is a custom implementation in JS using VS 2008. Is there any attribute of the share button that I can use to disable the share button until the user uploads a file

  15. Wow, thanks for that! I really guess that will be less interesting in the future.

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  18. I accidentally hit the button twice and now I have two “share” buttons…how do I get rid of one!?!?

  19. Somehow I’m missing something. I think this should be really easy.

    1. I create a post
    2. I insert the bookmarklet for the ‘Share on Facebook’ button.
    3. I insert the bookmarklet for the ‘Facebook Like’ button. Or, reverse if I like

    My two problems are I am unable to get to specific bookmarklets for each of the two buttons for Internet Explorer.

    It was very considerate of you to create this post. I’m sure I’m missing something really simple.


    • I am not sure I understand your problem. Do you not know how to add bookmarklets in Internet Explorer at all or can you not add these bookmarklets?

      If you have trouble in Internet Explorer, you should try out Firefox.

  20. I added the bookmark for the link “Facebook Like and Share buttons for wordpress” as a favorite. When I click on the link, I get the same page that had the link in it.

    I’m not getting to a place that has two distinct boxes for each button.

  21. Ok, I think I’m getting closer. I installed Firefox. I’m unable to drop and drag the link to the bookmark toolbar. But, I do see the two boxes for each button and I’m able to move each button to the bookmark toolbar.

    When I drop and drag the bookmarklets into the post, I just get

    “Facebook Like” button

    “Share on Facebook” button

    in the post.

  22. The Like button doesn’t appear on my VISUAL editor and on my Post even after I publish the post. How can I solve this problem?
    I am using Firefox 3.6 and Firefox 4.0b12 and get the same result. Will you help me?

      • Hii.. I’ve tried to get bookmarklet again and put it on my bookmark list.
        Amazingly, the problem dissappear. Now I can use the Like button. But maybe there is a little flaws in your script because I saw http:// written repeatedly. After I delete one of http:// on HTML mode, the Like button works awesomly:)

        And, is there any way to change the picture Like button so it will read from our own server instead of Thx

    • Thanks for notifying me about the http problem. I have fixed it. I’m so sorry for the blunder.
      As for having your own site host your button, simply save the image in your computer and upload it in your website. Then give me the image url. I will code the bookmarklet so that the image comes from your site and so shows your site name instead.

    • Well, I am terribly sorry for this late reply. Your problem is certainly due to the fact that I had to change the hosting of my “Facebook Like” code.

      Will you please try it again? I have updated the code with new hosting and everything is working out fine now!😀

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  24. hi i tried this but the like button, when i click it, goes to a new page where it shows how many people like this already and gives me the chance to like it, too. the share button works ok.

  25. ps. although the share button also opens a window (would be niced if it popped in a new window so people could stay on my page. thanks for your help!

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