WordPress pranks – prank no. 4

WordPress support is the place we turn to when we have a problem or a confusion or a question and it is expected that you will always find the correct information there, isn’t it! Well, it does give you right answers most of the time, but occassionally it also likes to play pranks.

What Support says about using Addthis in a wordpress.com blog post:

You can also add the button to individual posts on your blog, which will enable readers to share specific content/articles. To do this, simply paste the code that you obtained from step #5 above into the HTML view of your editor.

So, I did what the instructions told me to do and I got the button below:

Bookmark and Share

So, what does this button do?
When clicked, this button takes me to an Addthis page with lots of social bookmarking options. Cool!

Addthis for wordpress.com

But wait!

Look very carefully. The blog post title is missing from the page!😦
What does that mean? To know that, let’s try to share a post via Delicious.
Sharing to Delicious via Addthis

What do you see? The URL field and TITLE field are both populated with the blog post url! Ideally speaking, the TITLE field should be populated with the blog post title, not the blog post url!

And this is not the only fault!

Look at the image above. This is what I get if I click the Addthis button before I click the post title first.

What does it mean?
It means, if your blog has more than one posts and your blog is set to show full posts, then the unwary viewer will click the Addthis button while still on the home page. Addthis generates links for the url present in the address bar. So, if a viewer wants to share a particular blog post, (s)he won’t be able to do that. (S)he will end up sharing the blog url and that too without the blog title!

And there’re even more surprises shocks ahead.

Say your viewer got to an article by clicking a category. This post is posted in the catagory Addthis. Now if your blog is set to show more than one posts, the user will end up sharing the url for that category, and not the blog post itself!
See the image below:

My verdict
The Addthis code is simply not good enough to use as it is for sharing sites that require both the blog post title and the blog post url (there are many such sites besides delicious, I used only delicious to illustrate the screenshots).

Now let’s try to use the Addthis button below and see what it does:

Add this anywhere

This button takes the reader to an Addthis page, like before, and the reader can choose a sharing site to share the post.
Addthis for wordpress.com blog posts

Now, look carefully, this Addthis page shows not only the blog post url, but also the blog post title!😀
That means, when I try to save this post in Delicious, I am able to share my post properly, with the blog post title!

Sharing a wordpress.com post to delicious via the one-click Addthis button

The URL field is populated with the url of the blog post and the TITLE field is populated with the blog post title – as it should be.

So where can you get the code for Addthis button that will work properly in a wordress.com blog post?
Just hop over to this post to find it!
How to add Addthis in a wordpress.com blog post in ONE click