How to add a Twitpic image widget in a blog

What is TwitPic?
TwitPic lets you share photos on Twitter in real-time.

How do I use TwitPic?
You can post photos to TwitPic from your phone, from the site, or through email. All popular Twitter clients have built-in support for TwitPic using our API.

-From Twitpic If you need to share images in Twitter, you can use Twitpic for free to upload the images. Just log in using your Twitter account.

What if you want to show your Twitpic images in your blog? Well, the code they give you for “Photo widget” won’t work in this platform because the code is javascript.

But you can create Flash widgets that will automatically show your latest Twitpics in your blog. And here are some examples of Twitpic Flash widgets.

I used the RSS feed url of Twitpic Public Timeline for the examples in this post. You can find the RSS feed url of your Twitpic page at the bottom left of your Twitpic homepage.


Vuvox Express


Some customization options are available at these sevices.

Bonus tip
Did you know that Twitpic enables you to add Face Tagging and Geolocation to your images?

In order to embed these Twitpic Flash widgets in a blog, you have to convert the Flash code to a code that will work in You can learn to do that here:
How to have Flash embeds in a blog

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