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There is an image above the line, but you do not see it. The way I have coded the HTML hides the image.

The code for the invisible image is this:

<img style=”background-color:transparent!important;border:0 solid transparent!important;display:none!important;” src=”×31.png”&gt;

And the image it hides is this one:

How I figured it out
Believe it or not, I figured out the code to make images invisible by fluke!
My blog editor went crazy one day. It hid an image and I checked the HTML code of the post if I did anything wrong inadvertently. And I saw this strange tags in the image code. I don’t know how it happened!

Anyway, Panos discussed this technique in his anti-reblogging post long ago.

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  1. Okay … how did you get the Tweet and Like buttons to react to cursors? I can’t find a post where you explain how to incorporate this. Can you share?



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