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As a photographer, I wish I could do polaroid photography. But since I don’t have a polaroid camera, I will use one of the online tools listed below to achieve a polaroid effect. All of these sites allow you to create polaroid images online instantly without having to sign up for an account!

Create polaroid photo effect at Rollip


I nearly had a heart attack when I first visited Rollip. This site has an astounding collection of really wonderful image effects. Once you choose an effect and upload an image, they polarize the image! Once you are done, download it and upload it again to your blog/site!

High-resolution image processing is also available once the image is polarized.

Sharing options:
They also allow you to share the image on Facebook then and there.
Syed Abu Zakir Emon in a street performance

Create polaroid photo effect at Polaroin


We’re finished with upgrades and from now on, you can create high resolution polaroid-like pictures from your photos. Final picture will be 2088×2531. Have fun, people!

-from the site

Just upload an image from your computer or insert an image url, crop image, put some text (e.g location, date), choose a frame or vignette option if you want and polarize the image!

Syed Abu Zakir Emon

Create polaroid photo effect at Piknik


First upload an image and crop it to make square. You can do it by choosing the “crop” option. Then choose “Create”, choose “Frames” and choose the polaroid option.

Once the image is ready they let you rotate the image, change image dimensions and background colour.

After the image is totally ready they let you save it in your computer, from where you can upload the image anywhere you need to!

Sharing options: Share the image instantly in Google Buzz.
Syed Abu Zakir Emon in the performance "Circus"

Create polaroid images online at Genki


Upload image smaller than 1MBkb as bigger images won’t be accepted.
Once you upload the image, they let you scroll the image up and down to choose which portion you want to keep. When the image is ready, just download the image on your computer!

The high-resolution version is not available for free.

Create polaroid images at Drpic


Uplaod an image from your pc. Crop the image to make it square. Choose “Modify picture” and then choose the style “Polaroid”.

You can tilt the image left or right or choose the style “stack”.

Once the image is ready save the image on your pc or in web (when you save the image in web, they take your email address and post you the secret image link, so that you can delete the image whenever you want to )

Create polaroid images online at Photonotes


Upoald an image from your computer or open an image from the web.

Once the image is uploaded, you can crop, rotate and resize the image.
You can also add text. Simply choose a text style, choose the colour of the writing, rotate and position the writing.

Wait while they “render your digital nostalgia”.

They allow you to email the polaroid once you are done.

Create polaroid images online at Instantizer


Upload an image, add a description and they will give you a polaroid instantly! You can even change the angle of the photo. When you are satisfied with the result, just save the image in your computer.
Polaroid image created online at Instantizer

Create polaroid images online at BlinkYou


Upload an image from your computer. Add some text. Blinkyou will create the polaroid image for you and host the image for you! What I don’t like much is that they put their site name within the picture.
myspace graphics

Create Your Own Polaroid

Create polaroid images at Tuxpi

Upload an image add text. You can choose text colour, font and font size. You can rotate the image also.
When the polaroid is ready download it to your computer.
Sharing options: You can send the image to imageshack for free web hosting.

Syed Abu Zakir Emon performing in "Circus"

Create polaroid tile images online at pixisnap


Select the size of your polaroid. Upload an image from your computer or from an image url.
* RECOMMENDED MINIMUM SIZE: 320 x 240px- Maximum of 3 MB per image.

Confirm your primary photo and customize your polaroid tile photo. Choose a background (plain, design or animated). Choose where you want your polaroid.

Syed Abu Zakir Emon

Downloadable softwares that create polaroid images
Download polaroid image maker

A secret!
I’d love to tell you who the person in the polaroid images is. He is Emon, my significant other.😀

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