How to add a Shelfari widget in a blog (c) Netty Gritty

If you are a Shelfari user and if you blog at, you are gonna love this post!

Note: Although search results for Shelfari in forums keep on telling us that adding a Shelfari widget in a blog is practically impossible because of code restrictions (unless you upload a lame screenshot), it is very possible to add an attractive and interactive Shelfari widget in a blog!

❗ This post assumes that you already know how to use Shelfari.

See some variations of my Shelfari widget below:

Widget style: Grid of books
Option: small

Widget style: Grid of books
Option: Large

Widget style: Vertical Layout
Option: Small

Widget style: Horizontal Layout
Option: Custom

Choosing the appropriate Shelfari widget type for

Of all the available options, choose Flash.

Embedding Shelfari’s Flash widget in a blog

After you have created your Shelfari widget, copy the Shelfari widget code they give you.

Paste the code where you want the Shelfari widget.

❗ The code you have pasted won’t work in blogs right away. You need to modify the code so that the Flash embed works for

To learn how to modify your Shelfari’s Flash widget, please read this post:
How to have Flash embeds in a blog

Bonus tip:

Smaller Shelfari widgets look great in the side bar area and footer, while the larger ones are appropriate in posts and pages.

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7 thoughts on “How to add a Shelfari widget in a blog (c) Netty Gritty

  1. Thank you so much!
    Apparently, this post is the only useful one I found on Google for Shelfari.
    I ran into trouble with the JS pluggin but Flash worked for me:)

  2. You are very welcome! Would you be kind enough to share this? So that more people can find this post and the beauty of wonderful Shelfari?

    You will find a lot of firsts in this blog – this blog aims to bring to light freee, useful and creative web things!😀

  3. Hi there, this post really helped me a lot, thanks. I managed to get the shelfari bookshelf in my blog just by reading a lot of blogposts and guessing (not knowing any html or flash). But the scroll buttons don’t work? Which part of the code did I leave out?

    Thanks for the answer in advance.

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